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Competition Rules Section 2018-2019 **Current**

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1. The Competition rules section applies to every member, driver, pit personnel, family members, friends or sponsors.

2. All rules and regulations contained herein shall be in effect for the current race season.

3. The Driver is fully responsible for his/hers crews conduct. Violation of any rules by any individual on the crew may lead to the expulsion of the truck and crew.

4. Any addition and/or changes to the Competition Rules may be made by a majority vote of the members present at any regular monthly meeting.

5. Once a truck has entered the pits you are not allowed to change truck numbers.

6. Points will be awarded to truck number.


1. It is preferred that, Northwest Pro 4 Truck memberships are purchased from the Treasurer by the first race of the season.

2. Cost of the membership will be $75.00 USD payable at the first participating event from that event’s purse. Alternate payment may be made in advance. Any truck that will be competing at Evergreen Speedway will need to purchase a NASCAR-Whelen All American Series/Charger License prior to competition. This is a requirement of Evergreen Speedway and not the NW Pro4 Trucks. Current cost of the license is $100.

3. Membership is open to all persons who meet eligibility requirements at the scheduled tracks. Any member under 18 years of age MUST present a signed permission form from their parents or legal guardians.

4. Numbers must be obtained from the Secretary of the Northwest Pro 4 Trucks by the first race date. Duplicate numbers will be allowed, if certain conditions are met. Conditions: A letter identifier must be present on the duplicate number (after the first is assigned). Number and letter combinations must be unique and not duplicated in whole (ex. There cannot be two 32x's). The letter identifier must be at least 6 inches tall (On sides and roof) and the same color(s) as the primary numbers on the truck. If the letter identifier is not deemed visible enough, drivers will have a one race allowance to correct the issue. Anyone who chooses to run a duplicate number without a letter identifier, or any other unauthorized numbers, will not be scored for the duration of the violation. Numbers will be authorized in the order they are received. Numbers 1 through 99 are allowed, plus one identifying letter when needed.

5. Members previously having a specified number will maintain their number for a maximum duration of three years, from the date of last race attended. This rule is retroactive to the 2015 season.

6. The number 1 will be reserved for the championship truck from the previous year.

Protest and Penalties

1. The Board of Directors has the discretion of determining any applicable penalty they may deem appropriate pursuant to the rules.

2. In the event of complaints, expulsions, suspensions and/or other disciplinary action that is deemed necessary, the following procedures shall be utilized.

All complaints against any member of this association shall be initiated by means of a written complaint and a $100 protest fee for bottom end and $50 protest fee for all other protests. The protest fee needs to be submitted to the Board of Directors. The complaint shall set forth the nature of the alleged act, acts or actions, all information relevant to the issue of the complaint, and include the specific competition or construction rule(s) applicable. If the person complained upon is deemed legal by the board the money put forward by the complainant will be given to the person complained upon. If the person is found illegal money goes back to the complainant.

Upon receiving the complaint, the Board of Directors shall initiate inquiry into all facts and circumstances surrounding the complaint.

In the event that the majority of the Board of Directors has determined that a member should be subject to disciplinary action, the Board shall set the appropriate penalty as Listed and incorporated in the penalty section of these rules.

All the disciplinary decisions set by the Board maybe appealed by the aggrieved party to the membership at large during the next scheduled meeting. A penalty may only be appealed by the protesting party.

It is expected that protests will be found reasonable, logical, and based on sound evidence and thus well founded.

If a protest is judged to be not “well founded” to the satisfaction of the Board and the person making the protest has acted in bad faith or in a harassing manner. They will be deemed guilty of acting in a unsportsmanlike manner and may be penalized by the Board at its discretion.


1. All cars are subject to inspection by a tech official at anytime and in any matter deemed appropriate. (Meaning, you do not need to present for an inspection to occur). If tech sees any issues while a driver is not present, they will locate the driver and proceed from there. The tech crew will take all precautions to ensure that they do not harm/damage any of your vehicle or associated equipment. All decisions regarding the timing and the manner of the inspections, as well as which trucks will be inspected are final and not subject to the appeal process.

By participating in a Pro 4 Truck event, you are automatically giving your consent for your truck to be inspected by tech without interference. Any action deemed to be interference or hindrance of a legitimate tech process will result in loss of points and possibly pay (at digression of board).

2. All trucks must meet the requirements of all the Rules; however under certain conditions some trucks will be allowed to enter said racing event providing all safety requirements have been met and conform to the rules at the tech official's discretion.

3. All interpretations and disagreements over technical questions and operations shall be resolved by the appropriate board members and tech officials. If there is not a rule to cover the situation ask the Board first.

4. Safety issues will be of the highest priority and will be strictly enforced.


1. All drivers must attend the pit meetings prior to the races. It is also encouraged that crew members attend if possible.
2. Driver must wear an approved fire suit and approved helmet at all times while on the track. Minimum Snell SA-2005 rated racing helmet. Multi layer driving suit highly recommended.
3. In car radio systems are allowed. No driver to driver communication during any points event.
4. No driver shall exceed 5 mph upon entering or leaving the pit area.
5. Cars entering the track at anytime must yield the right of way.


1. Spotters are strongly encouraged. If a spotter is used, their first priority needs to be finding and utilizing the designated spotter area at whatever track we are at. This will help track to driver communication during the event.

Line up

1. Line up for all the events will be posted before the starting time of the race event. It is the responsibility of the driver to check their respective starting position and be ready when called for a race.

2. All positions are determined by your qualifying Time trials. All trucks qualifying 1 sec. slower than the fastest time will start the main from behind the Fastest Qualifier. On the 5/8ths mile at Evergreen Speedway all trucks qualifying 2 sec. slower than the fastest time will start the main from behind the fastest qualifier. Trucks who do not make the 1 or 2 second rule will line up fastest in front. Rookies will start in the back of the field for their first 3 races fastest in front.

3. The starting position for all race events will be inverted

4. A truck or driver that does not make time trials. Must start at the end of the fastest heat race and the rear of the Main event.

5. A truck that takes the white flag during qualifying and leaves the track will be considered “timed in” For that race. They will be put in their respective line up position.

6. In the event that 2 trucks have identical qualifying times the first truck to qualify will be awarded the faster of the 2 qualifying positions and points.

Restart Rule

Restart rule will be based on track rules. It is the drivers responsibility to understand the restart rule as stated in the pit meeting.

The trucks will have double file restarts where permitted.



Officials will use flags, as set forth in this section for the purpose of providing drivers with the necessary information.


Green Flag

(Go) Start of the race. At the beginning of the race the starter gives the green flag. Cars must maintain positions as designated by the starting line up until they cross the start finish line. On restarts, the race will resume immediately once the green flag has been displayed.


Yellow Flag

(Caution) The yellow flag signifies caution and this flag will be shown immediately following the cause for the caution. After the trucks receive the yellow flag, all trucks must hold position until either the green flag is displayed or the red flag, which will automatically stop the race.


Red Flag

(Stop) The Red flag means you must stop immediately regardless of position on the track. The red flag may be used if speedway officials determine the track is unsafe to continue the race. Anyone pitting on the red flag will go to the rear of the line up once the race resumes. There shall no mechanical repairs allowed during the red flag on the track.


Black Flag

(Leave the track) The black flag indicates that the driver must leave the track immediately. DO NOT CONTINUE TO RACE. Any driver that does not leave the track within three laps will be disqualified from that race event.


White Flag

(One lap to go) when the white flag is shown it means that leader of the race has started the last lap of the event.


Checkered Flag

(End of Race) when the checkered flag is displayed it means the race has been completed.


Black Flag with Yellow

(Mechanical) this flag signifies that there is a problem with the truck it has been directed at. Speedway

Officials have deemed that truck unsafe to continue the race. You must leave the track immediately. You may return to the event once the situation that cause the flag has been repaired.


Blue Flag with Yellow strip

(Lap Flag) this flag means that you are about to be lapped. Hold you position, do not change lanes.


• Time in: 25 points total down by one point per position must take the green flag

• Heat Race: 10 points total down by one point per position

• Main Event: 50 points total down by two points per position

• Meeting points: NO meeting points at this time

• Appearance points: 10 points if truck and driver show up in pits at local tracks

Rough Driving and Conduct

Unsportsmanlike conduct, on or off the track or in and around the pit or paddock area where the Northwest Pro 4 Trucks compete will not be tolerated at any time under any circumstance. This includes but is not limited to; owners, drivers, crewmembers, family members, friends, sponsors, etc…

A driver exiting their vehicle on the track during green flag conditions, following a crash where there is no imminent danger (fire etc), or without proper direction of a safety official will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and is punishable under the same section.

Substantial penalties, fines and/or suspension will be imposed. The Driver is held responsible for the above parties.

The issuance of a threat from one member to another member of the Northwest Pro 4 Trucks or to anyone else for that matter, will cause immediate disqualification, suspension, loss of points and fines per discretion of the Board.

Rough driving will not be tolerated at any time or under any condition.

Blocking will be considered as rough driving. Track Officials call the races at each track and rough driving will be penalized by placing your truck at the back of the field, Black flagging and removal from the track, fines, loss of points, suspension or all five previously mentioned.

If a driver is deemed to be a safety concern due to driving or performance issues, they may be asked to start at the back of the field, regardless of qualifying time.


A. Drinking before or during the event. (Alcohol)

1st offense: 2 event suspension, loss of money and points for that race.

B. Unsportsman like conduct

1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense: loss of points and money for that race

3rd offense: 1 race suspension

C. Ruff driving & dumping

1st offense: verbal warning

2nd offense: loss of money and points for that race

3rd offense: 1 race suspension

D. Trucks under weight after main

1st offense: Loss of money and points for that race

E. Repairs on the track during a red

1st offense: Docked one lap and a verbal warning

F. Anyone caught cheating in anyway, Board discretion. Anything from verbal warning, Fines, loss of points, or suspension.

Rookie of the Year/Rookie Status

A driver may run two points races in one year and still maintain their Rookie status for the next year. Rookies will be marked on there back bumper with Orange tape all season to alert other drivers that they are rookies. Rookies will start in the back of the field for their first 3 races. A rookie will be defined as any driver who has run less than 3 N.W. Pro 4 Truck Tour points weekends in one season. Furthermore, any individual entering the NW Pro 4 Trucks for the first time regardless of prior experience in other racing, will start his/her first three races in the back of the group with other rookies and will be placed accordingly based on Time In. The same will apply to anyone who has not participated in a Pro 4 Truck event in more than 7 years.

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