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Story by Terry Warren

The N.W. Pro 4 Truck Tour drivers hit the track for the final time this season at Evergreen Speedway on the reconditioned surface of the 3/8 mile oval. With track records in all classes being broken, all of the drivers had to get familiar with the track once again competing for the top spot and hopefully a new track record. The trucks qualified in groups of 6 and where allowed 8 laps to prove their stuff. The #55 of Jerry Buell had fast time @18.920 and was able to best Kevin Bell's 2004 track record of 19.110.

With no trophy dashes due to possible rain the drivers took to the track for their heat races. In the B-Heat the #11 of Mike Nelson would take home the checkers followed by closely by the duo of #7 Matt Greene, #8 Josh Charles, #23 Adam Morris, Kimmi Wilkinson(making her first start in the #53 Wilkinson Racing Ford), and #85 Mike Tipps feeling his truck out after a qualifying crash. Jerry Buell grabbed the victory in the A-Heat with #33 Ken Milligan, #88 Scott Waulters, #58 Terry Warren, #92 Molly Helmuth (who also drove her Mini Stock and Late Model Sat.), and # 6 Aaron Greene.

Officials at Evergreen decided to move the Main Events for the Late Models and N.W. Pro 4 Trucks up in the running order to make sure they where able to decide their championships without weather becoming a factor. With the short turnaround between races drivers and crews hurried to make adjustments for the 50 lap main event. Rookie of the year contender Aaron Greene and truck veteran Ken Milligan brought the field to the green flag followed by Waulters, Helmuth, Warren, Buell, Nelson, Morris, Matt Greene, Tipps, and Wilkinson. The racing was intense right from the drop of the green as the drivers jockeyed for position for the long main event. Several laps in, Milligan in the #33 took a ride through the grass outside of turn one causing the field to momentarily bunch up then go single file with Aaron Green and Waulters up front. Warren in the #58 took a few laps to get by the leaders and set the pace. On lap 10 Waulters night would end early with mechanical troubles putting him on the trailer. The first yellow of the evening came out for Mike Tipps who had spun in turn 4 bunching the field back up for the restart. Warren took the restart with new track record holder Jerry Buell on his rear bumper followed by Milligan, Nelson, Helmuth, A. Greene, Wilkinson, M. Greene, Morris and Tipps. The #58 of Warren was able to hold the top spot with Buell close behind and the others challenging positions behind them. The caution flag would fly again as the #92 of Helmuth misfired in turn 2 and slowed on the backstretch. Once again on the restart Warren would put several truck lengths between himself and the #55 of Buell. 23 laps in the #55 of Buell had to make a great save coming off of turn 2 allowing Milligan, Nelson, and A.Greene to move by him giving the leader some extra breathing room. The final caution of the night would fly at lap 32 when the #33 of Milligan and #55 of Buell tangled and came to a stop in the apex of turns 1 and 2. Veteran late model driver Mike Nelson (making his second start in the trucks) would get the next opportunity to make a move on the #58 at the restart. The green flag would fly for the last time on the season and Warren would once again stretch out a lead of several truck lengths for the remainder of the race. The win was Terry's first of the season and Moved him up to second in the season championship standings. Mike Nelson finished with a strong 2nd place effort followed by #33 Ken Milligan, #55 Jerry Buell, #6 Aaron Greene (who secured Rookie of the Year) with a his 5th place finish, #7 Matt Greene, #53 Kimmi Wilkinson, #85 Mike Tipps, #23 Adam Morris, #92 Molly Helmuth, #88 Scott Waulters, and #8 Josh Charles DNS (mechanical on pace lap)

Jerry Buell was able to cap off a great season with a 4th place finish and earning his first career championship. The Buell Motorsports team collected 3 Wins, 3 fast qualifying times, and 1 New Track Record. Congratulations to Jerry and crew on a great 2011 season.

Main Event:
#11 formerly #78



Story by Mike Tipps

Many thanks to all the fans and supporters for a night of exciting racing. Additional thanks go to the following drivers for stepping into or getting a truck ready to keep the count up.

#11 Mike Nelson
#23 Terry Armstrong Jr.
#53 Mike Wiley
#8 Rob Tipps
#33 Ken Milligan
#55 Jason Majors

The evening started out exciting as Ty Tipps in the #03 truck spun coming off of turn 2 and hit the tires along the infield ending his night. A feverous attempt to get parts and tools to repair the truck was made by all. The Achilles' heal ended up being that the radiator was beyond repair. Terry Warren in the #58 truck also suffered another clutch problem but with the excellent assistance from the track he was able to be push started for the night's racing.

The B-Dash started the nights racing for the trucks. The #85 driven by Mike Tipps pulled out front and kept the lead to the end. Ken Milligan in the #33 kept it exciting trying to get an advantage but fell short in the 4 lap dash.

The A-dash ended up with #88 Scott Waulters fighting off Mike Wiley in the #53 for the win. The racing was tight with the #23 of Terry Armstrong Jr finishing third followed by Terry Warren in the #58 fourth.

The B-Heat was close to the end. Mike Tipps drove the #85 around Rob Tipps in the #8 on lap 2. Mike Nelson in the #11 stayed in right on the 85's tail as the #85 took the white flag he bobbled in corner 2 and that opened the door for the #11. At the line the #85 barely held off the #11 to take his first Heat win. The rest of the field fought to the finish and ended up with Aaron Greene in the #6 followed by Rob Tipps in the #8.

The A-Heat was exciting as well with Jason majors driving the #55 to the win followed by Scott Waulters in the #88. The #53 driven by Mike Wiley was a close third with the #58 of Terry Warren finishing fourth. To finish the heat was Ken Milligan in the #33 and Mike Nelson in the #11.

The main event started hard and fast. The pack stayed tight for quite a while. Mike Tipps in the #85 led the first six laps. He got loose and spun into the infield coming off turn 2. Jason Majors in the #55 had worked his way through traffic to the outside and took over the lead and never looked back taking the checkered flag. Mike Tipps rejoined the event two laps down. Scott Walters in the #88 and Terry Warren in the #58 fought hard and clean with Scott edging Terry for second at the line. Mike Wiley in the #53 was a very close 4th followed by the #11 driven by Mike Nelson in fifth. The field rounded out with the #33 Ken Milligan in sixth and #23 Terry Armstrong Jr. seventh. Aaron Green #6 mimicked the #85 spin to finish eighth followed by Rob Tipps in the #8 and Mike Tipps in the #85.

Great fun was had by all.


The NW Pro Four Trucks took to the track in between 100lap segments of the Idaho 200 for the Bill Sauls Memorial 35 lap main event. Scott Waulters #88 Jumped to an early lead and remained the leader for the first 10 laps before finally loosing the lead to Jerry Buell #55. Buell advanced

out front and was challenged once by Terry Warren #58 and went on to take the checker flag. Buell received his first main event win ever in eleven years of racing and present in the pits with him this weekend for her first time at the track was his daughter Jenna.

#55 Jerry Buell 15.328
#58 Terry Warren 15.390
#11 formerly the #78 Bobby Baker 15.596
#53 Doug Wilkinson 15.740
#03 Rick Shaver 15.793
# 6 Aaron Greene 15.819
#88 Scott Waulters 15.876
#85 Mike Tipps 16.143
# 2 Ken Milligan 15.235
#23 Adam Morris 16.739

#88 Scott Waulters
#85 Mike Tipps
#23 Adam Morris
# 2 Ken Milligan

#03 Rick Shaver
#53 Doug Wilkinson
# 6 Aaron Greene
#11 formerly the #78 Bobby Baker

#88 Scott Waulters
# 6 Aaron Greene
#23 Adam Morris
#85 Mike Tipps

#03 Rick Shaver
#55 Jerry Buell
#58 Terry Warren
#53 Doug Wilkinson
#11 formerly the #78 Bobby Baker

Main Event - 40 laps
#55 Jerry Buell
#58 Terry Warren
#11 formerly the #78 Bobby Baker
#88 Scott Waulters
# 6 Aaron Greene
#03 Rick Shaver
#85 Mike Tipps
#23 Adam Morris
#53 Doug Wilkinson



Results of the weekend will be coming soon along with updated points.
Evergreen Officials have yet to provide the official results.

Top 5 for the 30 Lap Main Event were:

1. 17 Mike Wiley
2. 55 Jerry Buell
3. 58 Terry Warren
4. 88 Scott Waulter
5. 92 Molly Helmuth

Main Event Line Up for the Evergreen Race on 7-9-2011

3 - 85
6 - 78
88 - 53
92 - 55
17 - 58
2 - 03
7 - 8
Monroe, WA - July 9, 2011: The first day of the two day NASCAR K&N Pro Series West weekend at Evergreen Speedway saw the large crowd on their feet for every finish.

The 17 driven by Mike Wiley of the Pro 4 Trucks Touring division, the Main Event Winner, got out front early and held throughout the 30 lap feature. The 55 of Jerry Buell made a strong attempt but was unable to pass and settled for second, with the 58 of Terry Warren coming in at third.

The race schedule included Time-Ins and the Main Event Race, there were no Trophy Dashes or Heat Races held this day.

Check back soon for complete results.
Thank you.


Wenatchee Valley Super Oval June 18, 2011
Presented by Trailwest Motel

Trail West Motel, Grand Coulee, WA

Story by Terry Warren

Twelve trucks made the trip to the Wenatchee Valley Super Oval Saturday hoping that the weather would hold out one more time. The drivers and fans would not be disappointed as the skies over WVSO stayed clear on a windy cool day.

Mike Wiley would set fast time once again @ 14.965 with the entire field of trucks separated by only .7 seconds.

The B-dash was won by #2 Ken Milligan followed by #85 Mike Tipps, #92 Molly Helmuth and #3 J.R. Kelley who received some front end damage in the scuffle.

The A dash found the #78 of Bobby Baker in the winners circle followed by #55 Jerry Buell, #17 Mike Wiley, and #88 Scott Waulters.

With heat races up next the action was getting ready to pick up. #2 Ken Milligan jumped out to an early lead in the B-heat followed closely by the Kelley, #03 Ty Tipps, #92 Molly Helmuth, #85 Mike Tipps, and the new #8 truck of Doug Charles. Contact between Milligan and Kelley on lap 5 would cause the #3 of Kelley to spin and bring out the yellow and then the dreaded black flag for the #2 of Milligan. Ty Tipps would go on to capture the win followed by Helmuth, Mike Tipps, Kelley, Charles, and Milligan.

The A-heat would also start six trucks with the #58 of Terry Warren starting at the rear after failing to make a qualifying attempt due to mechanical issues. Jerry Buell in the #55 would jump out to an early lead with the #6 of Aaron Green close behind. By lap 5 the # 17 of Wiley had moved up to the second position followed by Waulters in third. The red # 17 was able to wrestle the lead away from Buell on lap six and would not look back. Wiley was followed to the checkered by #55 Buell, Waulters, #78 Bobby Baker, Warren, and Greene.

Eleven trucks would start the Main Event with the #8 of Dale Charles sidelined with Mechanical issues. Ken Milligan in the #2 who started on the outside pole was able to clear the #85 of Mike Tipps entering turn 1 to take the early lead. Action was intense throughout the pack as drivers jockeyed for position in a race shortened to 30 laps due to curfew. After several laps J.R. Kelley in the # 3 was able to get the lead from Milligan, bringing Helmuth in the #92 along with him into the second spot. A cluster of trucks battled behind them with the #6, #03, #17, #78, #58, #85, and #55 all trying to find a line to move forward.

On lap 13 Milligan in the #2 would encounter Mechanical problems and be forced to the pits shortly after being passed by Wiley in the #17. Wiley would then move into the lead passing Helmuth and Kelley who were in a tight battle up front. Caution would come out on lap 17 with the #85 of Mike Tipps disabled on the front stretch. With the field reset single file action was fierce at the drop of the green with drivers knowing the laps were counting down. On the restart Warren would move past #88 Waulters to move into the 5th spot. On lap 22 the #58 of Warren cleared the #78 of Baker for the fourth position only to get loose entering one and ending up 3 wide with Baker and Waulters down the backstretch. Waulters would take the 4th spot with Baker and Warren hot on his tail. The final caution would come out on lap 29 with Bakers engine expiring and oiling down the track in turn 2. The Race Director would call an end to the nights action as it would take too long to clean up the fluids.

# 17 Mike Wiley won his third race in a row followed by #3 J.R. Kelley, #92 Molly Helmuth, #88 Waulters, #03 Ty Tipps, #58 Terry Warren, #6 Greene, #55 Buell, #78 Baker, #85 Mike Tipps, and #2 Milligan.

Wenatchee Valley Super Oval Results 6-18-2011

#17 Mike Wiley 14.965

#58 Terry Warren DNQ

#88 Scott Waulters 15.085

#78 Bobby Baker 15.101

#85 Mike Tipps 15.615

# 6 Aaron Greene 15190

# 3 JR Kelley 15.325

#03 Ty Tipps 15.354

#92 Molly Helmuth 15.400

#2 Ken Milligan 15.495

#55 Jerry Buell 15.149

A Trophy Dash: 78, 55, 17, 88

B Trophy Dash: 2, 85, 82, 3

A Heat: 17, 55, 88, 78, 58, 6

B Heat: 03, 92, 85, 3, 8, 2

Main Event 30 Laps: 17, 3, 92, 88, 03, 58, 6, 55, 78, 85, 2


Touring series Northwest Pro4 Truck Series returned once again, and as always, put on a great evening of racing. At the intermission all truck drivers were treated to a kid's club autograph session on the front stretch as 78 young fans swarmed the drivers and spent time with drivers and crew members from the Pro 4 Truck Series. With 10 trucks starting the main event and just one caution the competition heated up early. The first 13 laps fans watched drivers Jason Majors #55 and Scott Waulters #88 trade paint back and forth up front for the lead. Series defending champion driver Mike Wiley #17 starting last in the main line up picked his way through the field and Majors in the lead on lap 13 both drivers battled and coming out of turn 2 Wiley #17 shot down the back stretch and never look back at the field. Qualifying fast time: Baby Grand Joey Bird #24 14:775, NW Pro 4 Trucks Mike Wiley #17 15:225, ICAR Late Models Blake Williams #16 14:064.

Trophy Dash: Baby Grand Colton Schultz #3, NW Pro 4 Trucks (B) Aaron Greene #6, (A) Mike Wiley #17, ICAR (B) Kirk Hennefer #25, (A) Eric Hector #81

Baby Grand (1) Kyle Freesinga #7 (2) Joey Bird #24 (3) Colton Schultz #3
NW Pro 4 Trucks B (1) Jason Majors #55 (2) Mike Tipps #85 (3) Aaron Greene #6
NW Pro 4 Trucks A (1) Carl Scheffler #33 (2) Mike Wiley #17 (3) Terry Warren #58

Main Events:
25 Lap Baby Grand (1) Joey Bird #24 (2) Nicole Behar #33 (3) Skyler Smith #34 (4)Colton Schultz #3 (5) Alan Tuckness #94 (6)Harley Kellogg #14 (7)Kelly Allison #52 (8) Kyle Freesinga #7

30 Lap Pro 4 Truck (1) Mike Wiley #17 (2) Jason Majors #55 (3) Scott Waulters #88 (4)Terry Warren #58 (5) Mike Tipps #85 (6) Aaron Greene #6 (7) Adam Morris #23 (8) Carl Scheffler #33 (9) Matt Greene #7


NW Pro4 Truck - Stateline Speedway results for 6-4-2011

#17 Mike Wiley 15.225

#58 Terry Warren 15.418

#88 Scott Waulters 15.548

#78 Bobby Baker 15.594

#33 Carl Scheffler 15.651

#55 Jason Majors 15.819

#85 Mike Tipps 16.004

# 6 Aaron Greene 16.156

#23 Adam Morris 16.465

# 7 Matt Greene 16.734

A-Dash 17,88,58,78

B-Dash 6,23,85,7

A-Heat 33,17,58,88

B-Heat 55,85,6,7,23

by Terry Warren

The N.W. Pro 4 Truck tour rolled into Evergreen Speedway Saturday May 21 with their fingers crossed, hoping that the rain would stay away, and the world would not end before the main event was finished. Their wishes came true before a good crowd and live band on Armed Forces Night on the 3/8 mile oval.

During the practice sessions nearly all of the drivers and crew members were scrambling to find they're best friend "Rear Grip" as many of the trucks were extremely loose on acceleration. The trucks qualified Formula 1 style, going out in groups, and getting 8 laps to prove their speed. The #17 truck of Mike Wiley posted the fastest qualifying lap of 19.398.

After a brief intermission to meet with fans the track was cleared and heat races began. The #23 of Adam Morris would sit on the pole for the B-Heat followed by the #2 of Ken Milligan, #85 Mike Tipps, #6 Aaron Greene, #03 Ty Tipps, and #7 Matt Greene. Mike Tipps in the #85 made a quick exit from the track with a broken throttle linkage leaving room for Aaron Greene to maneuver his way to the front of the pack by lap 3. Ken Milligan was also forced to make an early exit with a broken transmission on lap 4 that would end his night. Ty Tipps in the #03 had moved into the second position and began his attempt to reel the #6 with 4 laps to go but was unable to close the distance. Aaron Greene would score the win followed by Ty Tipps, Adam Morris, and Matt Greene.

The A heat would prove to be a wild one led by the #88 Scott Waulters making both his Pro 4 Truck debut, and his first appearance at Evergreen Speedway. Scott would be followed by the #58 of Terry Warren, #55 Jerry Buell, #53 Doug Wilkinson, #17 Mike Wiley, # 78 Bobby Baker and the #92 of Molly Helmuth who was making her debut as well. The racing was intense from the drop of the green as Warren pushed up into the top groove allowing Buell Wiley and Wilkinson to slip underneath. Waulters in the #88 was able to maintain the lead with the pack 2 and 3 wide behind him for the first five laps until he was cleared by # 17 Mike Wiley with 3 to go. Wiley would be able to hold the lead for the remainder of the event while the rest of the field was left to duke it out for second place. Wilkinson, Waulters, Warren, Buell, and Helmuth all took the checkered flag just 1.2 seconds apart followed by Baker. Waulters, Warren, and Buell crossed the stripe separated by only 8/100ths of a second.

The Main Event promised to be an exiting one as well, with the repaired # 85 of Mike Tipps leading the charge to the green with the #6 of Aaron Green on the outside of the front row. They were followed by Terry Warren, Scott Waulters, Doug Wilkinson, Jerry Buell, Adam Morris, Mike Wiley, Molly Helmuth, Matt Greene and Bobby Baker. The black and orange #03 of Ty Tipps broke a slave cylinder on the parade laps and was forced to return to the pits. The trucks remained in a tight group with the #85 of Mike Tipps leading until the #58 of Warren was able to squeeze underneath him on lap 3. The #53 of Wilkinson moved into the second position just one lap later. Warren and Wilkinson were able to create some distance from the rest of the pack who were still 2 wide for several laps. The #17 of Mike Wiley was able to take the third position from Tipps by lap 5, with Buell moving up to the fifth position. Behind them locked in a fierce battle for sixth were the #6 of Aaron Greene, #92 Helmuth, and #88 of Waulters followed by another close battle between the #23 of Morris and the #7 of Matt Greene. On lap 16 Buell made a pass on the inside of Tipps who then failed to negotiate turn 1 and had to take the long trip around the big 5/8 to rejoin the battle. The only caution of the evening flew on lap 18 and the #92 of Helmuth and the #6 of Greene made contact while fighting for the fifth position. With the pack bunched back up for the restart it was anybody's race with only twelve to go. Warren would take the green and lead the next 2 laps with the #53, #17, and #55 bumper to bumper. With 10 to go the #58 of Warren got loose on the backstretch straddling the rut for its entire length before he could get all four tires back on the racing surface. That proved to be all Wilkinson in the #53 needed to pull alongside. For the next 3 laps the two were locked in intense side by side action with #17 Wiley right on there bumpers followed closely by Buell. Wilkinson would take the lead for the next 2 laps until a slight slip allowed Wiley to get to the front. The #88 of Waulters mounted one last charge at the 15 year old Helmuth but was unable to keep pace with her as she stretched the distance to 2 seconds over the closing laps. Up front the battle intensified with Wilkinson trying many different lines and tactics to regain the lead from Wiley. Warren was back in the fray as well working both the inside and outside of Wilkinson, with Buell only 1 second behind. With 1 to go the #53 tried an aggressive move to the bottom and had to back out to keep from getting into the #17. Turn three found all three drivers entering in separate lanes for the checkers or wreckers finish. In the end it was the #17 of Wiley holding off a charge on the inside by #53 Wilkinson, with the #58 of Warren to his inside. Wilkinson held of Warren at the line by o1/10 of a second at the line. The#55 truck of Jerry Buell finish just 1 second behind the lead pack. Molly Helmuth in the #92 crossed in fifth followed by the #88 of Scott Waulters who was able to keep the 2011 points lead. #6 Aaron Green, #23 Adam Morris, #7 Matt Greene, #85 Mike Tipps (down 2 laps going around the 5/8ths) and Baker (DNF) rounded out the field.


#17 Mike Wiley 19.398

#53 Doug Wilkinson 19.465

#55 Jerry Buell 19.774

#58 Terry Warren 19.796

#92 Molly Helmuth 19.967

#88 Scott Waulters 20.062

#03 Ty Tipps 20.217

# 6 Aaron Greene 20.288

#85 Mike Tipps 20.307

# 2 Ken Milligan 20.480

#23 Adam Morris 21.281

# 7 Matt Green 21.425

# 78 Bobby Baker DNQ


# 6 Aaron Greene, #03 Ty Tipps, #23 Adam Morris, # 7 Matt Greene, # 2 Ken Milligan, # 85 Mike Tipps


#17 Mike Wiley, #53 Doug Wilkinson, #88 Scott Waulters, #58 Terry Warren, #55 Jerry Buell, #92 Molly Helmuth, #78 Bobby Baker

Main Event

#17 Mike Wiley, #53 Doug Wilkinson, #58 Terry Warren, #55 Jerry Buell, #92 Molly Helmuth, #88 Scott Waulters, # 6 Aaron Greene, #23 Adam Morris, # 7 Matt Greene, #85 Mike Tipps, #78 Bobby Baker, #03 Ty Tipps DNS, # 2 Ken Milligan DNS

Yakima Speedway, May 7, 2011
By Tricia Warren

Saturday night's “Fallen Heroes” race was the first race of the season for the Northwest Pro4 Truck Series. Eleven trucks were on hand for the season opener. Unfortunately, the #33 truck of Carl Scheffler and #2 truck of Ken Milligan had problems with their tow vehicles on the way and were unable to make it to Yakima.

Doug Wilkinson of Lake Stevens, Wa. set the fast time in qualifying with 22.476 around the 1/2 mile loop at Yakima Speedway.
In the B trophy dash, #85 Mike Tipps brought the field to the green flag. #03 Ty Tipps moved up into 1st place in lap two leaving Mike Tipps, #6 Aaron Greene, and #23 of Adam Morris fighting for 2nd position. On the third lap rounding turn 3, #85 spun off the truck. Winning the trophy dash #03 Ty Tipps followed by #23, #6, and #85.

In the A trophy dash #55 Jerry Buell was on the pole followed by #17 Mike Wiley, #88 Jeff Hector, and #58 Terry Warren. Mike Wiley quickly took the lead with #88 close behind. By the 2nd lap #88 moved into first. All trucks kept close together, keeping position, with #88 Jeff Hector taking the checkered flag. Close behind #17 Wiley, #58 Warren, and #55 Buell.

#85 Mike Tipps started off the B heat in pole position followed by #3 JR Kelley, #23 Adam Morris, #6 Aaron Greene, and #03 Ty Tipps. With Morris in the lead during lap 2, turn 2, the #03 of Ty Tipps pulled off the track with mechanical issues. Morris and A. Greene were fighting for first position during laps three and four with #85 of Mike Tipps close behind. Lap six brought the #03 back onto the track. #6 Aaron Greene took the win followed by Morris Mike Tipps, J.R Kelley, and Ty Tipps.

The #55 truck of Jerry Buell set the pace for the A heat with #78 Bobby Baker, #17 Mike Wiley, #88 Jeff Hector, #58 Terry Warren and #53 Doug Wilkinson in tow. By turn two #17 was out front and Warren quickly moved into the third position. #78 Baker headed for the pits on lap three with mechanical issues followed by #17 Wiley on lap four with a broken distributor. Both remained in the pits for the remainder of the heat. #88 Hector crossed the finish line in first place with the #58 of Warren on his tail. #55 Jerry Buell and the #53 of Wilkinson brought up the rear.

The 30 lap Main Event was up next for the trucks with #23 Adam Morris on pole, followed by #03 Ty Tipps, #55 Buell, #78 Baker, #3 Kelley, #88 Hector, #58 Warren, #53 Wilkinson, #85 Mike Tipps, and #6 Greene. The #17 Wiley was working feverishly to replace his ignition, but the two time defending champion was unable to get it refired before the green flag fell. Shortly after the race started it was apparent that there was some sort of fluid on the track that turned it into a skating rink. During lap two going into turn 4, #3 of Kelley spun along with #23 Morris, causing a caution while the track crew cleaned off the oil. During the caution the #78 of Baker overheated and pulled off into the pits followed by the #53 of Wilkinson with electrical issues, both were unable to finish the race. Lap four, #58 of Warren takes the lead only to get a flat tire entering turn 3 and spun out sending the #03 truck of Ty Tipps spinning into the grass. Another caution flag is produced while #58 goes to the pits to fix the tire. Lap eight, the action came to a stop to remove the #6 of Aaron Greene who was unable to make it to the pits after having ignition troubles. By lap eleven the #58 of Warren races back onto the track with a new tire. In lap twelve the #03 of Ty Tipps turned sideways bringing out another another caution. It was an action packed race from lap 12 to lap 29 with #88 Hector in the lead. It was clear that all of the drivers were sawing the wheel on the slick track giving it everything they had. The #88 truck of Jeff Hector won the first main event of the season!!! #55 Jerry Buell came in second, #03 Ty Tipps third. Followed closely by Mike Tipps, Morris, Kelley, Warren, Aaron Greene, Wilkinson, and Baker.

What a great way to kick off the season at Yakima Raceway, great weather and exciting racing!!
Congratulations to all of the drivers who attended, and thanks to the “Fallen Heroes” who paved the way.

Fast time:

# 53 Doug Wilkinson 22.476

# 58 Terry Warren 22.592

# 88 Jeff Hector 22.687

# 17 Mike Wiley 22.738

# 78 Bobby Baker 23.161

# 55 Jerry Buell 23.411

# 03 Ty Tipps 23.708

# 6 Aaron Greene 24.244

# 23 Adam Morris 24.498

# 3 J.R. Kelley 25.149

# 85 Mike Tipps 25.499


A-Dash 88 Hector, 17 Wiley, 58 Warren, 55 Buell

B-Dash 03 Ty Tipps, 23 Morris, 6 Greene, 85 Mike Tipps


A- Heat 88 Hector, 58 Warren, 55 Buell, 53 Wilkinson, 17 Wiley, 78 Baker

B- Heat 6 Greene, 23 Morris, 85 Mike Tipps, 3 Kelley, 03 Ty Tipps


Main Event 30 Laps
88 Hector, 55 Buell, 03 Ty Tipps, 85 Mike Tipps, 23 Morris, 3 Kelley, 58 Warren,
6 Greene, 53 Wilkinson, 78 Baker, 17 Wiley DNS (distributor)



The NW Pro4 Truck series rules are under review.
Suggestions for changes or clarification of construction and
competition rules should be sent to tbone58@nwpro4trucks.com


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