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Evergreen Speedway

Northwest Pro4 Truck Series

Current Track Records


Track Year Driver Time
Evergreen Speedway 5/8ths 2006 Pete Brady 26.654
Evergreen Speedway 3/8ths 2011 Jerry Buell 18.920
Yakima Speedway  2009 Bobby Baker 22.202
Wenatchee Valley 2008 Jason Majors 14.442
Spanaway Speedway 2003 Kevin Bell 15.440
South Sound Speedway  2008 Jason Majors 15.764
Columbia Motor Speedway Park /
Race City USA
2004 Kevin Bell 15.297
Stateline Speedway 2007 Jason Majors 14.801*
Stateline Speedway  2007 Jim Milligan Jr 14.811
Ephrata Raceway 2006 Jason Majors 15.350
Port Angles Raceway 2007 Pete Brady 16.090

*Denotes that new track record was done on 10 inch tires temporarily allowed in the 2007 season due to Goodyear tire problems.



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